How it all began

yamuna matka s rukou

I want to share my intimate personal experience and thoughts that preceded the creation of our project MÁM JI RÁDA (I love her)….
I had the opportunity to experience it in earlier relationships with men and still experiencing it even now with my life female partner that the vagina is the most beautiful and the most worthy of respect, love and attention. She is our divine gift, our divine flower full of sweet nectar and bringing pleasure and connection to another dimensions, but also the wonderful feeling of gratitude when it pops the head of our beloved baby…all I’ve been experiencing through because of my magnificent vagina, which is a source of great strength, when combined with the creative power of the womb…


I still felt during working as psychotherapist with women the need to do something more holistic for them to make them understand how the great gift they have, that there is no need to be ashamed of their body, for how their body looks like and why. To help them to fully take their femininity and their mission in their hands. To understand that they are not just a body or a vagina, but they have a lot of great gifts that make them unique artists of their happy life. Proved to be free and happy in a relationship, without the partner just be themselves, with ease dancing the way of their meaningful life… And all because I do truly, openly  and honestly there came to me gradually inspiration for this project MÁM JI RÁDA (I love her)…
castA year ago I discovered a great artist Jamie McCartney from Brighton, who created The Great Wall of Vagina ( I loved his idea of ​​a great artistic and very tasteful aesthetic show of all possible variations of beautiful vaginas … vaginas that are young and untouched .. vaginas that are well wily and tired of life … vaginas that have experienced violence or disfigurement, or improvements of surgical intervention or some piercing…


And I noticed the challenge of obtaining a sample from the vagina from each country in the world. I contacted him and we agreed that I would be representative for Czech : o) In the fall, I could not visit him, but with the new 2014 the Universe has clearly demonstrated the need to take action and create something what makes more sense than just having my own vagina cast at home … so my vagina cast started the inspiration for our project.

I remember how I could not for several nights in a row sleep because I got further and further ideas how to make it until I began to worry that I can not do just myself such a large worldwide project … and the Universe sent me my amazing partner Petra, without whoom my visions were only clouds of the air … I’m very grateful for her …. for the opportunity to be an instrument of this beautiful project for women around the world.

In our project we give our whole hearts, desires to fulfill our mission to heal and teach women to be truly happy, happy with themselves, with their relationships, roles and bodies, fully experiencing intimacy and pleasure, passion for their own mission, which reflects their unique gift.


large (6)We would be very grateful if you could help us in any way to fulfill our mission ( buying the goods in the eshop or participating in our events). Thank you…


And how did we continue? We went to see Jamie in May in Brighton and he created according to my instructions, this original open, wellcoming  lovely cast of my vagina. This cast is not part of The Great Wall of Vagina. This cast became the symbol of our project for the women MÁM JI RÁDA (I love her).




PrintAccording to her, I then painted the logo design for our designer Šárka ( – I started drawing the contours of  “bloom” – my inner lips and internal lines of the labia majora spontaneously arose heart shape (after turning drawings “upside down” shape looks like heart). Our vagina is and will be in our hearts…

Sales and promotion of this wonderful work of art (cast of vagina) is not focused on the outrage, to disgust, nor is our goal to include the porn industry… our pure heartfelt intention is to highlight the uniqueness of each woman, her jewel of her temple pearl – her vagina.


We believe that the cast will serve as a symbol of divinity on the altar of men and women and that women who will participate in our seminars will have a chance to get during the seminar their own unique artistic jewel of their female divinity … to establish a better relationship and connection with their vaginas and their divine powers. .


srdickaLogo became the inspiration for my sketches form of jewelry for all 4 archetypes – Virgin, Mother, Witch and Oracle. Original handmade jewelry is created according to my instructions by our tallented friend Tereza (


With Love and deep respect



(more about the seminar on the section Women’s Circles )



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