The journey of self-love to true womanhood

26220555_1684131401608329_876637692890374601_oAll I offer is my personal transformed 
experience, the imprint of my soul in 
my body. 
Discussed themes, taboos and doubts,
but also joy, satisfaction and gratitude.

Woman for me means a wonderful 
perfect temple for creating a 
new life,a tremendous strength 
and changeability, a healer 
with her sexual energy, 
a dancer with a mystery ...

The woman is a chalice, a kettle for
transformation ... the most precious
of her divine womb and yoni (vagina) 
the most beautiful and most valued 
of respect, love and attention to her divine gift,to the divine 
flower that is filled with sweet nectar and brings pleasure, 
connection with herself, connection to other dimensions, but 
also amazing feelings of gratitude when she puts the head of
a beloved baby out of it ... all I have lived through and now
I like to support other women in their connection with their
selves, with their femininity ...

I am a woman, a goddess, a mother, a sister, a daughter, 
a lover, a partner, a psychologist, a therapist, a shaman, 
a lecturer and much more ... and I am here for you with
an open heart, true, direct and authentic.

I offer women a unique and authoritarian psychotherapy 
that I call - Therapy of deep touch®- vaginal, gluteal 
and other mapping.

Also I support in women's circles and groups.

Now a new form of female seminaries is born in me - with
a focus on transitional rituals - the first menses, 
the first sexual intercourse, babies' calls, farewell 
to the soul, rituals about death and dying ... 
When everything is in the world, you can find more info
here , or on my second website



The terms of individual sessions as well as group seminars
 are in the calendar on my website: