hearthArt therapy is a therapy of art making.

It is designed for those who want to create, without limitation, age, health and mental status or sensory disability, etc.

It allows a person to realize the essence of his mental problems and helps them learn to solve them on their own.
Art therapy helps to form his own image, not only for himself, but also about himself. The clients learn how to explore their soulsin drawing, painting and, to distinguish their problems and receive better knowledge of themselves and the world around them.

Art therapy is one of psychotherapeutic practice. It is based on artistic expressions of clients as the main therapeutic agent. It’s not focused on getting the perfect final product, but more on a process of creation.

Art therapy uses art as a meaning of personal expression in the communication, rather than to seek the aesthetically resulting products, assessed by external standards. The spatial character of images can simultaneously express many aspects of the experience. Fine Art facilitates creativity and is useful when working with the imagination and the unconsciousness.

In art therapy goes with each individual client to fulfill common goals. The most common include induction of the compensation process, activation, mediation of contact, resize (artistic and intellectual) stereotypes, communication through artistic expression, eliminate anxiety, socialization or sewer aggression.
Emphasis may be placed on the outsourcing client’s problem and its transformation into a new harmonizing context. Art therapy is the most common mission escorting people from the territory of disharmony, chaos, threatening the environment of their physical and mental health, which can not be only in their area but also in the people themselves.

Art therapy techniques:

In art therapy activities operate in either desktop (painting, collage, paper handling, drawing.) or in space (modeling clay).

Purpose of the art techniques

  • facilitate the expression of your feelings
  • allow to identify some (otherwise hardly accessible) personality traits clients
  • during the artistic expression occurs merging of conscious and unconscious tendencies (abbreviated same thing will happen, what would be the words refinements much longer)
  • The client discovers her creative talents and can thus significantly enhance self-esteem
  • spontaneous formation enhances our creativity, promotes self-healing

020240Art therapy is a method of treatment of the soul through art. This discipline is applicable to clients who have serious mental problems, but can also provide courses that people visit in order to relax and get a better mental balance. In art therapy courses, the emphasis is on creative personality and it does not matter if therapy will be carried on through the artistic, dramatic or literary methods. Many clients attending therapy , for example because it is having nightmares in which they want to get rid of. Often they paint their dreams on canvas, then your therapist discuss together.



In our seminar we will be painting, drawing, working with clay, creating masks, making collages…

Here are some samples of collages – topic was TAROT:



Creating masks: