konstelace uvodniFamily Constellations

This method, created by Bert Hellinger, reveals the dynamics of a tragic plot, which comes close to traditional psychotherapy. Therapy, focused on the system, helping to find who influenced the fate of family members and their ancestors. This occurs when you build your own family constellation or engaging in a constellation of others as a representative of himself or his relatives. Family Constellation solves the problem of separation and lead to an experience that everything is connected to everything else, if I accept it back into my system, there is relief and understanding.

The original family we are connected through the generations. It shapes how we perceive the world, how we feel, think and act. Family is one of the main causes of the quality of our relationships, our health and our lives.

The family constelation workshops are suitable for anyone who wants to look at his current life situation and find a solution, or for those who want to personally acquainted with the method of family constellations.

Participants should learn before the seminar best about the history of their family. They also need to get as much information about the major (tragic) events that happened in the present and past generations. (eg, untimely or tragic death, the death of young children, abortion, death in childbirth, emigration, expulsion from the family, serious illness, mental illness, loss of property, imprisonment, injustice, brutal crimes, crimes and tragic events connected with the war, etc.).

A client who set the constellation will communicate with therapist his motivation, which can be any: disagreements in partnerships, problematic child (a child with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, aggressive tendencies, drug abuse, sexually promiscuous, sibling rivalry, etc.) inability to conceive, illness, allergies, poor relationships with parents or at work, financial problems, problems with pets, … etc.

The therapist on the basis of motivation and knowledge of the facts of the client’s family system appoints the members of the family, which are important for the constellation in which the client chooses to present representative. The client selects the representative for himself and draw it in a space in the constellation intuitive way. Representatives find themselves in the energy field of the client’s family, revealing relationships that are happening in the family. The therapist works to harmonize the entire system. At the end of the constellation client enters his constellation. Exchange with its representative in the harmonized family system.

The client can through the constellation understand the different influences that the family system operates. It can change the view of your life and relationships with loved ones.

ONE constellation takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

konstelace sthdConstellation of trauma with TDT – therapy of deep touch:

These constellations work with intuitive feeling of the others in the group with traumatic events. We are using dolls and therapeutic techniques of constellation of trauma. You will getr id of your trauma through Therapy of deep touch (I will trouch you deeply in right place where your trauma was stored in your body).

Constellations working with trauma focus on trauma in client’s life. They bring to the surface cleavage of the traumatized feelings that are stored in the unconscious and block the person in all areas of his life. The blocking is necessary to directly confront deeply to physically uncomfort. Feelings of helplessness, paralysis or anger, which were displaced, must get to the surface in order to release them. What is coming is temporarily intensify. Constellation is a catalyst for the process to which the client must have the motivation, courage and responsibility.

The process supports even Therapy of deep touch that can stir up all the pains that are stored in the body, and then follow the gradual change in real life. As head of the constellations I am responsible for the delivery of the hidden connections of the unconscious to client on the surface of his consciousness. The client assumes responsibility for the effects of constellations in their lives and for the integration of the entire process. Client takes therefore the initiative to find more help and continue the process, if i tis required.


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