Seminars for women

TERMS of the seminars:



Brief content of the seminar:

Focus on body

Getting to know your body and womanhood, relationship with yourself, self-love
Tantric healing, Tunnel of Love, Opening a flower, Massage of 4 hands
Painting and modeling of womanhood
Family Constellations – family relationships
Mental purification of negative experiences
Morning practice of Kundalini Yoga + evening joganidra ( and self-love to kriya chakra 6 )




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Virgin archetype – entrance into womanhood

Vaginal mapping – Getting Started
Theme menarche, first sexual intercourse, rituals and healing meditation
Woman cyclicality and how to work with it
Dance – to strengthen the feminine archetype and the Virgin
Solution gauge (Constellation + CLEANING heart meditation)
Morning exercises Kundalini Yoga + evening joganidra





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Mother Archetype – motherhood and women’s role

Constellation (abortion, death of children, childbirth)
Collages on women’s role
Vaginal mapping – Continued Treatment
Dance – 3 roles (mother, wife , lover)
Ritual + healing meditation for motherhood
Morning exercises Kundalini Yoga + evening joganidra





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Archetype Witch – Creativity

Meeting with the dark side – Black Moon – Lilith 
Finding talent, uniqueness, gifts
Visualization, art therapy
Create a mask – creativity
Solution of internal criticism
Ritual of Eva and Lilith
Vaginal mapping – Continued Treatment
Dance – Dance Eve and Lilith
Morning exercises Kundalini Yoga + evening joganidra



Oracle archetype

Meeting the elements (air, water, fire, earth)
Cleansing shamanic techniques
Sweat lodge
The Red Tent – strengthening the feminine energy
Working with power animals
Morning exercises Kundalini Yoga + evening joganidra





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Chakra system and 10 bodies

10 steps to happiness, Personal numerology

Vitality, Prosperity


Morning exercises Kundalini Yoga + evening joganidra
The casting of your own vagina





Seminars will be here: - accommodation and diet is paid by the participants separately, is not included in tuition (1200 €). More information about prices for accommodation and diet are on page Pricelist.

Please contact Kamila for securing accommodation – .


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