Therapy of deep touch®


Therapy of deep touch® - Intimate touch therapy

This is my author's and unique therapy, which differs from other 
intimate vaginal massage.
TDT® - Vaginal mapping also includes Gluteal mapping, which is 
the first meeting.
Prepaid TDT® - Vaginal mapping - 3 appointments each (every 3 hours 
of body work plus 1-2 hours chatting 
and preparation before and after therapy - ie, 9 hours of body work 
and at least 4 hours of talk and 
pre-treatment and denial) :
Most women who go to this therapy are enough to make a significant 
change in sex life and personal life, 
only in three meetings. This therapy is unique, very strong, intense 
and effective and has a copyright, 
trademark protected, nobody has taught me how to do it, and has been 
innovating with my years of experience
with clients. I offer it for the 5th year. During the third meeting, 
clients also receive from me the 
recommended literature, homeworks for the whole month, for myself 
and for working with a partner, 
other fines and exercises to deepen and intensify the enjoyment 
of pleasure.

Always order all three meetings in advance - three dates must 
be arranged, two close (consecutive or one-on-one),
and the third within a maximum of one week from the second meeting 
- order according to your cycle. 
Ideally in the period after your menstruation.

This healing is for me treating the soul through the deep and 
intense touch of the body, loving, 
slow and gentle touches that warm the frozen places on the body. 
This place has been traumatically 
closed due to disrespect for the needs of our body, and the divine 
energy of love, sexual energy, 
is now flowing through them. It is also an intensive massage of 
deep tissues in which trauma is stored.

The goal is to lose shyness, shame and feelings of inferiority 
from your body, from your needs, 
allow yourself to fully experience the pleasure and delight, 
your emotions, everything according 
to your desires and needs, with respect to the tempo and the 
time of slow opening of your inner bloom , 
your divinity.

On everything you need to talk about will be at the beginning. 
Seating is very often focused on treating 
traumatic memories stored in your cells.

Therapy of deep touch® only works for women.

body-sculpture-textHealing the scars


Even after the wound after surgery, injury, etc. birthing healed, we perceive it further with scars that can still be painful or numb. Scars significantly inhibits the flow of energy in our body and affect our physical and mental state. If they are in intimate areas of the body, of course, fundamentally distorts our intimate life. Or due to appendectomy scars can influence experience of chronic back pain and/or headache. By working with the scars we can restore the energy flow in the body and unexpectedly increase the level of vibrancy and joy in your life.


Vaginal mapping


A lot of women, we meet, somewhere in the depths of their body and soul feel that in life and in intimate areas can and should live MORE. Desire more love, more fulfilling life, more sense, more joy, more depth, more passion. The manuals for improving sexual life are usually confronted with a number of techniques, but the intimate life is then rather athletic performance, than to lead to a fulfilling love and bliss. Mentioned “tips and tricks” often pass effect because the path to deepening female sexuality does not flow through stronger stimulation, but due to the increase of her own sensitivity, grappling with in its center, opening up and surrender. Instead of “adding” techniques and stimulation, we especially moving in and about to melt what depth and intensity of the experience of bliss prevented. (Traumas about to melt and unpleasant experiences stored in the body’s cells and memories.) As women we often desire and at the same time we are afraid of ourselves. There is no greater pleasure than to open with complete confidence. But we have a fear of disappointment and pain. And so we close on the basis of past generational injury. The experiences of the past, which were more or less painful, cause our body a “freeze” and armor. “Protect” ourselves from the experience of pain, but along with it even before the experience of pleasure, joy and intimacy. Thus, we conclude that the fear of pain, and conclude with love. In doing so, our past pain at the moment have not been hazardous, even though we behave as if that were the case. We dissolve this “frozen” place and release the emotional charge them hidden. As a result, may appear completely new, yet often unrecognized sensitivity, responsiveness, bliss and inner freedom. This experience also adds faith in yourself, deep anchorage at your center and tranquility coupled with your inner female wisdom. The base is not a “get” or learn something new, something change and “remake”. Only dissolve what prevents us from experience of our true essence. In short to throw armor with the understanding that it is no longer needed.


Technique “vaginal mapping”:


This is a touch technique that gently massage the tissue of the vagina. “Map” while its sensitivity. The woman is so consciously connect with the feelings that are in intimate areas gathered. Some places are insensitive, some full of joy, full of various different kinds of emotions: sadness, anger, etc. The female sex is receptive, accepting, and tends to collect in themselves and to “remember” different kinds of experiences, both pleasant and painful . During normal lovemaking, even though we touch the vagina, often these feelings need not be seen – they become apparent only during deceleration to work with the breath and expansion susceptibility. If a woman has experienced in her life painful experience spontaneous reaction is “freeze and not-feel.” It is then throughout life usually manifests itself as a kind of pervasive level of tension and stress. Because own energy use to suppress what was not sufficiently experienced, and what tends to activate again and again. Movement, breath, sound, touch are all tools that increase energy levels – and thus the feeling – in our body. If we were made to “freeze” the pain of the past, we did not give her the space to express itselve and leave our body, then this experience stress, often without us realizing it. Also unconsciously defend deepening intimacy in a relationship – because it activates in the first phase our old pain. This dynamic experience occurs during heavy trauma such as sexual abuse, as well as gynecological procedures, difficult births, etc. Sometimes it causes even seemingly harmless stimuli like someone’s comment, hurtful words at times when we are open and vulnerable. Without consciously experienced, subconsciously “freezes” and the corresponding feeling that we have not experienced and not expressed, then seal in the body. When using a technique called vaginal mapping we re- awaken the sensitivity of the soft tissue. Along with the release of body experiences, which belongs to the past, and if that were painful and cause a ” freezing” or ” armor ” tissue of the vaginal wall. Many women during lovemaking often feel not quite significantly, or they may perceive the discomfort and pain. With that they spontaneously reduce their appetite for sex, or they accept possibility of rapid, dynamic sex as the only interesting option. In the intimate and subtle connection again, however, there are also feelings of vulnerability and pain, and it can be for a woman so uncomfortable that intimate contact spontaneously limit – sometimes with the feeling that the partner is not responsive enough, present etc. (projection).



716_478656935533866_1358375502_nWhy work with touch and body?


Although we can understand the causes of pain and difficulties in our lives, just understanding the context is not enough for change. Every experience, every sensation is the first in the body, and then we give it a “label”, label it and we are looking for its causes. When we go during vaginal mapping directly to the memory and wisdom of the body there is no need to know where and what feeling originated and why. What is important is its feeling and releasing. It’s like getting rid of waste from the body. Then we can enjoy in our own anchor the center, which we experience as a deep peace and greater inner freedom – there are unexpected new possibilities in our lives.


Benefits of group work


With shared experiences we draw from the wisdom and experience of all other women. Learning takes place not only on the level of information and logic, but also at the level of the body. Everything you know, release a cure in itself, is also a gift for everyone else in a group. Conversely, treatment and understanding of each participating woman is a gift to us. In the shamanic tradition they say that what we cure in ourself, we treat simultaneously the seven generations before us and seven generations after us. It is a beautiful picture of how deep significance of each step of our personal development it is, and that doing this work is not only for ourselves, but also brings benefits to many others.