Women circles


The women's seminars are getting new shape 
and new content. 
It will be more about transitional rituals,
a shamanic journey, 
the formation of power dolls.

Everything will be ready, either on this site
or at www.psychoterapeutka.eu

Dance Seminar 4 Elements

When we dance 4 elements - the Earth, we will connect us with our roots, 
with the first chakra. We will experience cathartic dance from the prenatal
period. We will be confronted with trust versus mistrust, autonomy versus
shame, and doubts and entrepreneurship versus blame. Despite the earliest
memories placed in our body, we dive into the mother's womb and find our way
to a free life. We will experience the connection with our body, the Mother
Earth, our ancestors and divine femininity. We will fully appreciate the
different qualities of this element.

When we dance 4 elements - WATER, we will connect with our emotions,
with the second chakra. We experience the catharsis of relaxed sexual energy.
We will develop the theme of creativity (or ability to form and build) versus
subordination. We will sail on the waves of our changing emotions. We will 
connect with all the qualities and states of water. We will understand what 
attracts and repels us. We will dance to the theme of womanhood, menstruation,
cyclicality and intimate association with others.

When we dance 4 elements – FIRE, we will connect with our mission, with the
direction of our soul, with personal strength, with the third chakra. 
We experience dance transformation catharsis from the relaxed passion 
of our solar flame. We are waiting for work on the topics of devotion 
and commitment. We will develop the theme of identity versus chaos, 
confusion and embarrassment. We burn for personal visions. We are going 
to treat the theme of addiction, power, sickness and helplessness.

When we dance 4 elements - the AIR, we will be in contact with the inner 
man and our inner woman - ANIMUS and ANIMA – we will join in our sacred 
marriage in our hearts, we will connect with our soul and the fourth chakra. 
We live in the energetic dance of sweet catharsis from the relaxed 
self-consciousness of our heartbeat. We are waiting for work to expand our 
heart. We will develop the subject of intimacy versus isolation. We burn 
in heart with compassion. We will dance the theme of courage to love.